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sunshine still

April 12, 2010

after four days in saint paul pasig, i’m missing the long walks under the bright shining heat of the sun. i miss our fourth floor room. i miss all the loud laughs before bed time. i miss sleeping late at night talking of all useless stuff just to be able to stay awake. i miss waking up […]

unknowing what may seem

March 27, 2010

well yeah. you can most probably say that life is full of shit. i do believe that too. but it just hurts to admit that maybe, most probably, i chose the wrong friends. sure, one would find good memories here and there, bonds that seem untouchable that reflect our superiority, but behind the walls of […]

that day

March 26, 2010

not that i even care, but today, i slept the whole world out. i haven’t stepped out our screen doors and just staring beyond the windows, i really see nothing in particular to be amused of. it has been a year ago that i saw someone when i went outside on a sunny day to check the […]