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unknowing what may seem

well yeah. you can most probably say that life is full of shit. i do believe that too. but it just hurts to admit that maybe, most probably, i chose the wrong friends. sure, one would find good memories here and there, bonds that seem untouchable that reflect our superiority, but behind the walls of the elite are vulnerable people in workmanship of unknowingly destroying each other’s lives and relationship. within us are people set about by their differences. it has been long ago when all we did was fun and no foul play. today, judgmental and ignorant people are on the loose. dragging each other down was never the plan that was brought about by jealousy and ignorance on how to mind their own business . we were never like these. we had simple lives and that whatever each do, the others support. and it’s just that things still are not what they seem to be. there’s still always that looking beyond thing.


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